Asal Usul


When age of playing and schooling, Mr. Sinnasamy who migrated from India along with routine traders in 1923 and started “the family “Kacang Putih” business upon arrival. His investment was just RM23.00. It was not an easy job to carry a 15Kgs of wooden box filled with different types of spicy snacks and walk around Ipoh city. In order to complete their commodity, he had to promptly shuttle from hospital entrance to school gates and toddy taverns.

As Mr. Sinnasami could not execute the business along, he brought both of his sons Rathinasami and Jayabalan into the business in age 11. Even after the daily business, these young boys could not spend their spare time in the playgrounds. While Mr. Sinnasamy rushed to Ipoh downtown to buy raw materials for the next day production, these Lads had to grind soaked dhall in the grinding stone, prepare recipe, frying muruku, packing, storing and making paper cones in different size for various price levels. Therefore they had left only 4-5hrs sleep on daily basis. As the business developed on a rapid phase, they gradually upgraded their over head carriage to bicycle. When business competition increased as Buntong “Kacang Putih” vendors started to report to the same venue, Mr. Sinnasamy shifted their trading venues from public places to “Pasar Malam” wet markets and wholesale buyers.


Once Mr. Sinnasamy returned back to India, brothers separated and while elder brother Rathnasami started SR Kacang Putih, younger brother Jayabalan started JB Buntong Kacang Putih. As the necessity increased the logistic was upgraded from bicycle to Motor bike. On the due course, Mr Rathnasami married Manonmani, and she has become the main source of production to SR Kacang Putih. As the business grew drastically SR started to supply their products to other states, and established a great reputation among Chinese whole sellers. As the need arouse motor bike has been upgraded to delivery van. It was a great challenge to Mr & Mrs Rathnasami to raise 5 children, sending them to school on time, buying raw material, managing employees, production and on time delivery. After the school all their children also started to support the parents in the line of production. Even though it was not easy to work beside 170°c boiling cooking oil, Mr. Rathnasami, Mrs. Manonmani and their children contributed a shear hard work to build-up this successful business. Apart of business competition Mr. Rathnasami had to fight against maliciousness, jealous, deceit, backbiters of his own Kacang Putih community. As the business grew gradually their house became factory cum warehouse and it very compact to live with increased product supply. Therefore Mr. Rathnasami who was the first person in Buntong Kacang Putih bought a factory in Silibin Industrial area and moved his cottage business to industrial level.


Once the Third generation Arumugam and Kavitha taken over the company, they started to prepare production as per Halal, and MeSTI regulation and certified by issuing body. In order to increase the working space they acquired the adjacent factory. SR Kacaang Putih an enterprise level business was upgraded SR Snack Sdn Bhd a limited liability company. Registered their own “Sahana” brand and prepared exclusive packaging to their products. By increasing the workforce to 25 SR Snack Sdn Bhd has become a SME level company in Malaysia. With the support of MPC, Arumugam and Kavitha completed LEAN Management and started to identify even tiny wastages. Without standing at the SME level, they modernized the factory as per ISO standard and achieved ISO certification in order to reach a multinational corporation. As remarkable milestone they opened two more sales outlets, bought modern state of art fully automated frying machine which 300% more productivity of existing fryers and participating in international trade fairs & exhibitions in view of penetrate into export markets.